Lead Abatement Companies – Why Certification Matters A lot

You must have heard how lead can affect your health. You must have heard too of lead removal companies that can ensure your premise is 100% lead free at just a small fee. The companies often use luring words to rope unsuspecting and desperate clients. Some of these companies are genuine and can offer you more than just value for your money. Others are however scams, set up with an intent of ripping people off. Fortunately, there is one thing that separates these two companies – certification. So just why does certification matter?

Adherence to the law

You can never go wrong with licensed companies. The license is the first sure sign that the company is in good terms with the local authorities. You can be sure you will have an easy time with the company and your home or health insurance provider should you be forced to file indemnification papers. The license also means that the company not only removes but also disposes mold as required by the law.

Lead danger

Customer satisfaction

It is hard to find or trace the link between customer satisfaction and licensing of your preferred lead removal company. But there is a direct link. The license is a clear indication that the company has you, the client in mind. You may not know it but no unlicensed company ever makes follow up calls and emails to find out if their clients were satisfied with their services.

Anything else?

Ensure that the company you wish to hire is not just licensed but has a good reputation. Avoid companies that seem to attract complaints. Exercising caution, as you will find out, is extremely crucial when looking for a lead removal company that can offer you more than just value for your money. Experience also matters. Go for that company that has been in business for long.

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