3 Health Risks Associated With Asbestos

Asbestos may seem and even sound like any other element used in industries to manufacture products for domestic use. But it isn’t. It poses a myriad of health challenges, some of which are life threatening. For starters, there is a direct link between asbestos and lung cancer. It is easy to understand why. Once one inhales asbestos, it gets into the lungs. It then remains there as a foreign element, resistant to the lung’s natural cleansing mechanism. In other words, you lungs cannot expel asbestos the same way it expels dust. But there is more into asbestos than just cancer. Other lethal diseases associated with asbestos include:

Pleural disease

It is one of the most dangerous respiratory diseases. Fortunately, it isn’t on the rise. The disease causes inflammation and sometimes irritation of the outer lining of lungs. One’s pleuron simply thickens and stiffens making it hard for one to breath. In worst cases, the pleuron gets filled with fluid. Early diagnosis of the disease is vital as far as containing its effects are concerned.


It is yet another serious respiratory disease directly linked with overexposure to asbestos. It makes one’s airways scarred, making it hard and sometimes impossible for oxygen to get into blood. Its symptoms include chest tightness, headaches and nausea. The disease is common with people who worked in asbestos mines or were exposed to asbestos in one way or the other for a long time.

Other risks

There is mesothelioma, which exudes almost the same symptoms with pleural disease. There is also the risk of stillbirths and miscarriages, so expect women should stay away from asbestos a much as possible. Then like already hinted, early diagnosis of any other mentioned diseases can go a long way to either cure or slow down the aforementioned effects. Keep in mind that your pets too can be affected by asbestos.

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